What to Expect

Here are few things you may be interesting in knowing if you are planning to visit JFBC for the first time...

* Dress is casual. Wear what is comfortable for you and modest for others. 

* We use the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible.

* Worship services usually last 1 hour.  

* The worship music is a blend of modern/contemporary with traditional hymns. 

* Childcare is provided for all services. 

* JFBC is a mixture of all ages.  The average median age is 42.

* We will NOT embarrass or "call out" visitors/guests when they attend.  We want you to feel at home as your worship and not have the spotlight on you in any way.

* We provide a GUEST INFORMATION PACKET with important information about JFBC for all first time visitors/guests.  You will find this packet in one of the seat backs in the auditorium.  Please take one as our gift to you.  You may also fill out the GUEST INFORMATION CARD included in the packet and place it in the offering basket in the foyer. 

* We receive a weekly offering - you may give in the basket provided in the foyer on your way in or out.